Resi: a new generation of expert advice in residential real estate investments

Resi advises investors, corporations and developers on the purchase and sale of residential investments, from existing properties to new builds. At Resi we pride ourselves on being actively involved in the entire process. We fulfill the role of sparring partner, with expertise that runs from plan development through sales preparation to the fine detail of the transaction itself.
Building on years of experience in supervising residential real estate investment transactions and powered by our residential data platform, we offer unrivalled strategic and procedural insights, whether you are buying or selling.

Architectural and financial experts involved in every residential transaction

Investor services

An extensive network of international and national investors

Resi’s expertise and solution-oriented approach not only win clients over but also forge lasting business relationships. We offer strategic advice on buying and selling existing housing complexes and portfolios. We make sure that every sale is meticulously prepared, developing a tailor-made strategy and harnessing momentum on the residential real estate investment market. Resi shuns standard solutions and operates in the firm conviction that every portfolio, investment issue and market situation is unique.

When it comes to purchasing propositions, we carry out market research on your behalf, as the investor. We examine recent transaction comparables and other underwriting. We take a proactive approach, contributing ideas to ensure the right purchase strategy and playing a meaningful role in negotiations with the vendor.

Resi’s team has an extensive network of international and national investors and an outstanding track record in facilitating institutional investment transactions on the residential real estate market.

Services for housing associations

Connecting housing associations to relevant market actors

We see a genuine drive to create suitable rental homes for a target group that has limited options in the current housing climate. The stage on which housing associations operate continues to expand from the construction of social housing into the mid-market rental segment, and there are opportunities to be had in active long-term partnerships with investors.

Resi serves as the ultimate linking pin between these market actors. We partner with housing associations to realise quality residential products with a fast turnaround time. During the design phase, we call on our residential expertise to develop competitive housing programmes.

Our knowledge of programmes of requirements, housing dimensions and levels of completion enables us to support the contracting parties during the development and transaction process. We are on personal terms with various market actors and we have extensive expertise in the realisation of successful residential concepts and formulas. Our team has a wealth of experience in relation to restructuring tasks and in managing the sales and purchases by housing associations. We are fully up to date with the latest legislation and regulations applicable in this field, and establishing long-term partnerships is a core focus in what we do.

Developer services

Creative partners for project developers from design to delivery

At every stage of the development process, we work closely with the project developer and encourage our clients to make full use of our A-to-Z expertise. In the business case, our residential real estate data platform provides invaluable support. This enables us to substantiate demographic trends and developments in rental and vacant possession values.

We provide commercial advice on pinpointing relevant target groups, developing suitable residential concepts, composition of housing programs, optimization of floor plans and ensuring the desired level of quality for rental properties. We do this for social, middle and private sector rental properties. Taking the programs of requirements set by investors and corporations into account.

In the design phase (from sketch to finished product), we utilise our residential real estate expertise to create market-based solutions aimed at achieving optimal sales. In the design process, we assess every design adjustment in terms of prospective yield and marketability.

You can also reap the rewards of Resi’s tightly structured and personalised approach at the transaction phase. We are on hand to guide you through the sale of new-build projects to residential real estate investors and corporations.

Services for senior housing and healthcare

Senior housing and healthcare real estate, an important niche in our field

Looking at demographic developments, senior housing is an extremely interesting product category. That can only be positioned properly by considering the market needs of this target group from the planning phase of. The segment is fundamentally no different from other types of housing developments, but it does have specific characteristics and needs. It is essential to include these characteristics from the start of the plan phase, certainly in combination with other forms of housing in a total development. Our Resi team advises which part of the plan is suitable for senior housing. We answer questions such as: What does a specific housing mix mean for the total project? What requirements are set for the homes and general facilities of the complex?
How do you combine the ground floor with various residential functions and how do you strengthen the overall living concept? In this phase of consultancy, we also provide insights into the expected rental and investment value, so that a project developer can work towards a profitable business case.

Besides consultancy in the planning phase, our team also assists in purchase and sale transactions of new and existing healthcare real estate. We do this on behalf of investors, healthcare institutions, developers and housing corporations. Our structured sales process contributes to transparent and successful transactions. We have many years of experience in collaborating with the Health Care Institutions Remediation Board and ensure a sales process that runs satisfactorily for both the seller and the buyer.
About Resi

Resi is committed to an affordable and sustainable residential climate for residents

The real estate market continues to expand. Current forecasts predict a shortage of approximately 419,000 rental homes in the Netherlands by 2025. This growing demand is due to demographic developments, not least a rise in one-person and two-person households.

Resi plays an important part in bridging the gap between this growing demand and the availability of residential properties, both existing housing and new builds. Our experts know the real estate market through and through. We have a wealth of current data at our fingertips in our own dedicated data platform for residential real estate. And we continue to build on years of experience in overseeing residential real estate transactions with investors and corporations.

In addition, Resi knows what it takes to achieve an affordable and sustainable residential climate for residents. This combined expertise makes Resi the ideal sparring partner and advisor for project developers, real estate investors and corporations in the residential market.

We have no interest in standard solutions or paint-by-numbers investment strategies. Instead, we factor in the full range of variables that lead to a sustainable residential market, not least the environmental factors. It’s an approach that leads to win-win situations: giving investors and corporations the long-term returns and successful residential products they need in line with market demand, while offering tenants a residential environment in which they feel at home.


Real estate advisor Eveline Hobbelink will start on the first of October in our Resi team

Het sourcen van locatie specifieke data, selecteren en filteren is nodig om doelgroepen te bepalen en behoeftes te identificeren. Om vervolgens het passende woonconcept met programma te vertalen in het ontwerp van het woongebouw.
Het sourcen van locatie specifieke data, selecteren en filteren is nodig om doelgroepen te bepalen en behoeftes te identificeren. Om vervolgens het passende woonconcept met programma te vertalen in het ontwerp van het woongebouw.