Real estate advisor Eveline Hobbelink will start on the first of October in our Resi team

Eveline Hobbelink, previously employed by real estate consultant CBRE, is making the switch to our residential real estate team. She has worked as a transaction specialist for the past 4.5 years, specializing in the purchase and sale of healthcare real estate, among other things.

Eveline will consult real estate investors in our team in the purchase and sale of various residential real estate.

Why the switch to our Resi team, we asked?

‘In the past 2.5 years I have set up the healthcare-transaction team within my trusted specialty. To have a full focus at Resi on residential real estate is a great step in my career and motivates me to dive even further in my profession.’ Says Eveline, looking ahead at her new role.


3 questions why an internship at Resi #rocks

Shrey Yadav was part of our team for the last 6 months, it was his first step into his professional career in the Netherlands.

With your background in engineering and architecture, why did you decided to join our Resi team?
My aim was to get more familiar with the real estate market in the Netherlands. And to learn in-depth how investors and the developers in the residential market work. Since Resi is a new and upcoming firm, and the founders have proven experience in the residential sector, doing an internship at the company was a great chance to be a part of this right from the beginning.

What have you noticed in our field of work?
During the internship, I developed a keen interest towards the Dutch capital markets. What I bring with me after this internship is a more holistic view. Especially since, here at Resi, we are incorporating both the investors and developers point of view into constructive consultancy and tangible solutions in bringing together supply and demand.

What have you picked up and will take with you in your professional career?
The way of working at Resi and the approach taken towards all of the clients demands, has helped me develop my numerical and analytical skills, and an extremely systematic way of thinking.

Working at Resi was the beginning of my professional career in the Netherlands. With the right mix of professionalism and a personal touch at the company, I felt highly motivated every day to work on the ongoing projects and to see the results at the end of the day. Alexander and Robbert are extremely knowledgeable about the Dutch residential market. At the same time, they are easy to approach and are more than willing to help with any doubts or hinderances I faced at work. Also, after completing the internship, they have remained mentors and friends, and are always there to guide you in the right direction.

Bonus question: what is your final conclusion about Resi?
This internship wouldn’t be the same without my colleagues at Resi. Over the last few months we developed a bond, right from working together on the various projects, to having lunch together every day and the numerous games of ping-pong. I am extremely glad that I was able to do this internship and to take the learnings from here to the next stages of my professional and personal life.


Chanine van Kleij sets up new Resi service for partnerships between housing associations and market actors

Chanine van Kleij has been working in the Dutch real estate market for 15 years. As head of the housing association team at Capital Value, she has spent the last six years specialising in this field, with a specific focus on partnerships with housing associations. Her niche specialisation comes from her extensive housing association network, her vast knowledge of suitable residential programmes, and her experience in managing sales and purchase transactions involving housing associations. When asked about her ambitions, Chanine said, β€œMy goal is to bring housing associations and market actors together and to set up effective processes for the construction of new-builds and the restructuring of existing residential developments.”

At Resi, we are aware that housing associations are set to play a much bigger role in tackling the housing shortage in the Netherlands. Chanine’s arrival means we are one step ahead of this market development. We expect that several of the residential developments we are currently working on, will be sold to housing associations.

In our role as an investment advisor, Chanine’s specialism enables us to serve an ever-broader range of stakeholders on the residential real estate market. As a result, we are extremely excited to have a housing association specialist on board alongside our services for project developers and residential real estate investors.


Resi is now an official member of branch organization NVM Business

As a team, we stand for quality and transparency in our services from day one. We now confirm this once again by officially joining the largest trade association in the Dutch real estate market. During an online meeting, our founders Alexander Buijs and Robbert Arkenbout were officially sworn in by NVM chairman Onno Hoes. Another milestone in our corporate adventure!