Meet the Team

Resi represents a new generation of advisors in the Dutch residential investment market. Our team consists of a mix of architectural and financial specialists. Expert knowledge forms the basis for every recommendation and solution we provide. Our property experts are passionate about real estate and work every day to create a more sustainable residential market.

We value personal relationships and take a genuine interest in your activities on the housing market. Call us to find out more or drop by for a good cup of coffee at our office in Amsterdam-Zuid.

Alexander Buijs
Alexander founded Resi alongside Robbert. With a view to nurturing long-term business relationships, he provides strategic advice on residential issues in the investment market. Alexander combines a background in finance and economics with years of experience in the world of real estate investments.
Robbert Arkenbout
Robbert is one of Resi’s founders. He uses his expertise in project development and residential investments to ensure that transactions run smoothly. Robbert’s background is in architecture, which explains his keen eye for construction and design.
Eveline Hobbelink
Eveline is involved as an advisor in our purchase and sales transactions. She knows how to match supply and demand like no other and has a great deal of knowledge of the residential investment market.
Chanine van Kleij
Chanine has launched a new service for corporations within Resi. This service is all about bringing corporations together with market parties in order to set up partnerships that result in efficient processes, in both new construction and restructuring tasks. Chanine has a financial economic background and years of experience in the real estate investment sector.
RaΓ―d Emrani
Raid has been an essential part of Resi’s operations from day one. As an advisor, his expertise underpins all of our residential real estate propositions. A graduate of Delft University of Technology, he casts a critical eye over the latest developments on the residential market.
Monara Alberg
Monara is the communication and marketing specialist behind Resi’s professional presentations. She is a commercial economics graduate with a strong focus on marketing and project management.
Nina Schlaghecke
As the Office Manager, Nina takes care of all things in and around the office. She supports and unburdens the team where possible, so that everyone can focus on what is needed. With a background in hotel studies, she has gained a lot of management experience and hospitality is in her blood.
Shirin Bhoep
Shirin joined Resi as a real estate consultant after completing her master's degree in Real Estate Finance. In this she is involved in the preparation of purchase and sale transactions and deals with analyzing the housing market.
Max Piekhaar
After earning his master's degree, Max started working as a consultant at Resi. Here he works on residential program optimization and transaction preparation.
Amy Wong
Amy holds a Master of Real Estate Finance degree from the University of Amsterdam. As a real estate investment advisor at Resi, she deals with market analysis and the preparation of transactions on which we work as a team.