Chanine van Kleij sets up new Resi service for partnerships between housing associations and market actors


Chanine van Kleij has been working in the Dutch real estate market for 15 years. As head of the housing association team at Capital Value, she has spent the last six years specialising in this field, with a specific focus on partnerships with housing associations. Her niche specialisation comes from her extensive housing association network, her vast knowledge of suitable residential programmes, and her experience in managing sales and purchase transactions involving housing associations. When asked about her ambitions, Chanine said, β€œMy goal is to bring housing associations and market actors together and to set up effective processes for the construction of new-builds and the restructuring of existing residential developments.”

At Resi, we are aware that housing associations are set to play a much bigger role in tackling the housing shortage in the Netherlands. Chanine’s arrival means we are one step ahead of this market development. We expect that several of the residential developments we are currently working on, will be sold to housing associations.

In our role as an investment advisor, Chanine’s specialism enables us to serve an ever-broader range of stakeholders on the residential real estate market. As a result, we are extremely excited to have a housing association specialist on board alongside our services for project developers and residential real estate investors.